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The sweaty stench of a person's buttocks
Whoever sat in this chair last had a high concentration of bumbeo.
by Kevin Daniels October 14, 2007
1. To increase one person's state of fucked, or fucktiude, to a supreme level of fucked.
2. To increase a person's level of mental instability and incapibility.
3. A male's description of a previous sexual encounter with a female.
4. A state worse than fucked.
1. I got so drunk/high after being already drunk/high that I was fuckder than I originally was.
2. I was talking to John and he's even fuckder than Paul is.
3. I fuckder good.
4. I was already broke, but now that I lost my job, I'm even fuckder than I was before.
by Kevin Daniels March 20, 2009

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