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When a woman smokes out of her vagina
1) My mom smokeginaed last night
by Kevin clark November 21, 2007
1)What you say when something explodes.
2)A goopy explosion
A) That was one hell of a chaluby
B) My car just suddenly chalubied
C) Holy Chaluby!
by Kevin Clark November 04, 2007
When a boy farts out of his penis
1) I made such a loud zhoot in class the other day
by Kevin Clark November 01, 2007
When you are incredably high off of speed. The state you are in after takeing speed.
1)I was so zipped yesterday after we smoked.
by Kevin Clark November 01, 2007
When a person is so fat that their shirt hangs over their belly.
1)At Mcdonalds I saw a kid who was a real shirt hanger.
by Kevin Clark November 01, 2007
A bomb which is made from a can of soda. You take the soda, put it in the freezer and then you take it and throw it on the ground. It then explodes.
1) I through a soda bomb on the ground the other day, it exploded.
by Kevin Clark October 31, 2007
1) It is what you say when you want to continue with sex
1) My girlfriend and I cuntinued to have sex
by Kevin Clark November 04, 2007
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