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1. An aquatic douche, any person(s) of unsavory personality or taste (also consider a foul sense of humor, or downright idiotic demeanor).

2. A tomato sandwich, garnished with avocado and zucchini. The scuba douche is oftentimes enjoyed on rye bread, although it is not unheard of to be served the "S.D." on pumpernickel.
Lummox No. 1: "Hey, Martha, check out that scuba douche in the window! I'd like a slice of that douche."

Lummox No. 2: "You're such an asshole, Harvey."

'Scuba douche' is not a slang term. it isn't something you imagine would be said in Atlanta if you're from Chattanooga or Montreal. It is a completely fabricated concept, and should be disregarded as such.
by Kevin Ayers June 17, 2011
A cold blooded bully, someone who exhibits no sense of mercy or social showmanship.
"You remember ol' Dean? He was a regular Scut Farkus, make no mistake!"

Man 1:"I could really go for a ham sandwich right now!"
Man 2: "Why don't you go fuck Scut Farkus and see how that works out, eh?" (Canadian)

David Letterman is SO Scut Farkus!
by Kevin Ayers June 14, 2011
The recently coined term 'spooky gook' originates in a small village on the outskirts of Naples, in southern Italy. It possesses two different definitions, and they are as follows:

use 1: Any person of Asian or Micro island heritage, who is, at a given time, up to 'no good' as one would say. One who is participating in some trickery towards his/her own gain.

use 2: Loose gaskets like Kim Jong-il
(In a Minnesotan accent) "Johnathan! Hey, John-John! Check out that spooky gook behind the counter there."

(Again, with accent) I don't want to come here again. I don't trust those spooky gooks making my processed meat squares.
by Kevin Ayers December 10, 2011

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