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A small clump of meat from the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. ATHF for short. Possibly the funniest character in the show.
"Only us adults can say hell, damn, bitch, and ass. So get your helling, damn ass over to that bitching, damn room damnit!

*Frylock stares at meatwad*

"What?! Damn, i was just trying to help you out bitch!"
by Kevin Aparicio November 03, 2005
A riot between sailors and Zoot Suits back in the 1940's.
Kevin: November.3, 2005 is when the Zoot Suit Riot report is supposed to be turned in.
by Kevin Aparicio November 03, 2005
Smiley that represents one of the following:

-Naughty thoughts
-Fanged Smiley
In order:

-Heheh, i pooted. .w.
-I want SMEX! .w.
-Grawrh! .w.
by Kevin Aparicio November 22, 2007
A robot-anime which was made in 1963. It was a pretty popular anime back then.
Kevin: My dad used to watch Gigantor when he was a kid.
by Kevin Aparicio October 10, 2005

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