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a term used for when a guy comes on a guys face and lets it drip off his chin so it hangs off like that ugly shit on a turkeys chin, the man then licks it off and gets a good riding!
We did a turkey: he had to be tied up first though.......
by Kevin December 05, 2003
One of the most unique and original bands of all time; innovators of grunge rock
I used to think Nirvana was the shit, until I realized how fucking inferior in talent and performance they are to Alice In Chains.
by Kevin May 30, 2003
this would describe a young woman that enjoys taking many dicks at once
kim raines...i know her! she gets down with the get down
by kevin August 27, 2004
this is bullshit and not true. "hawthorne heights is an fukin rad band.. not very well known but deserve to be.. its emo!!! but it is also screamo..."

1. hawthorne heights IS very well known
2. hawthorne heights is NOT emo
3. hawthorne heights is NOT screamo
4. hawthorne heights sucks

see definitions of screamo for a better explanation
sucks. teh suck. blowz. sux0rz. man hawthorne heights is the worst band since everclear
by kevin March 01, 2005
Like this
I rock your world with a yae like mic.
by kevin October 01, 2003
a blowjob, blrrjab, oral sex
dat bitch gave me BO BO in the hood yesterday!
by kevin September 28, 2003
Feth can mean either fuck or shit depending on the sentence.
Bobby just fethed Susan.
Bobby just steped in some feth.
by Kevin February 28, 2004

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