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1) see i-box.
2) something that adults that act like children (under the ocean) play in and use their "imaginaaation".
1) Shut up you idiot box!
2) Let's go play in the idiot box!
by Kevin December 19, 2003
Cornhole,butthole,balloon knot etc.
Damn, I had this wicked burrito and a twelver of PBR last night and my tweeter is burning.
by kevin March 25, 2004
A kick ass band from Vancouver. They absolutely rock!
Damn, NoMeansNo kicks ass!
by kevin September 06, 2003
the best movies ever made.. well only the first 3 the episodes sucked major ass. the only super si-fi films you can watch with out being a dork/nerd/geek
i just saw the empire striks back.. and i makes me feel like watching one of the episodes.. nahh.
by kevin February 29, 2004
A stalker.
How else does he know when youre sleeping, or when you're naughty or nice?
by Kevin December 30, 2003
when a man sticks his dick in a bun and tells a girl to take a bite
by Kevin April 29, 2003
A person who looks like they have been living on the road. Hippie
That girl is such a road apple, she has hairy armpits and bad body odor.
by Kevin June 02, 2004

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