438 definitions by Kevin

fastest 4-stroke sportbike available under $15,000
buy a used one for your first bike cause you probably will crash it
If Gixxers suck then why did Bimota (A $35,000 UBER FAST Sportbike) use their motors?

R1s are nice but Suzukis are faster
by Kevin July 06, 2004
the shit nuggets that get caught in your ass hair
i have weebles
by kevin September 30, 2003
When your face turns red after drinking alcohol.
Damn look at Andy. He's chunged!
by kevin September 06, 2003
Sumone that gay ass fags do at Thayer
Dammit they really heatwaved ur bag
by Kevin March 25, 2004
Fine Ass Beebe Shizzle
I conversated with FABS today. We had a Dilly Bar.
by Kevin January 21, 2005
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