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the scrotum on a male reproductive system
00 <(these)
by Kevin January 16, 2005
a very good snack that takes a slice of cheese between two bread slices, then cooked until the cheese is melted.
"I cooked a Grilled Cheese Sandwich yesterday when i was hungary."
by Kevin March 10, 2004
expression used to show extreme dislike or unsatisfactory to a person, or even a thing. like the expression "fag", but is used to make a stronger emphasis.
teacher: class, we have a popquiz over yesterday's chapter, there will be twenty problems and you will have five minutes to finish.
by kevin February 09, 2004
a prostitute; the oldest professional
Your girl is loose; she aint nothing but a professional.
by Kevin May 17, 2004
Suburb of Dallas, Texas. We're pretty diverse.

You got the minorities in the east who beat/shoot each other up.

You got the middle class mixture in the center of the city who is high on pot.

Then you've got the snobbily rich white kids in the west who are high on heroine.
That's the truth. Trust me, I live here. Don't pay attention to any stupid MTV documentary.
by Kevin April 17, 2005
Drawn from the mass suicide of 914 followers of cult leader Jim Jones in 1978 by drinking Flavor-Aid laced with cyanide (known as the "Jonestown Massacre"). Someone who "Drank the Kool-Aid" has so bought into their leader's vision or cause they will blindly follow to their own doom.
Other companies adapted and were successful. However, James continued to believe his bosses were right not to adapt--even after the company had to file for bankruptcy. James really "drank the Kool-Aid".
by Kevin November 10, 2004
A portmanteau of "threating" and "romantic" from an episode of "Fairly Odd Parents" wherein Timmy Turner's parents try to help Timmy write an effective love-email to his crush Trixie Tang by combining the usual lovey-dovey cliches with threatening that she'd better date him if she ever wants to see her parents again.
It's threatening and romantic! It's threatmantic!
by Kevin July 26, 2004

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