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How an illiterate idiot will usually spell the name Kevin
Person 1: "hay keven"
Kevin: "Dude its spelt Kevin"
by Kevdogs August 30, 2010
When you go to look at the time, whether it be on your mobile phone, alarm clock, iPod, Etc. And manage to do everything except check what the time is, forcing you to look at the clock again.
Justin went to check the time on his phone, but checked his messages, resulting in double clocking.
by Kevdogs August 16, 2010
Possibly the last current word in the Urban Dictionary.
Also used to describe something of moderate greatness.
Ricky: Hey man check out those Zæzzzzzz tits."
Frank: Woah those are so Zæzzzzzz"
by Kevdogs October 23, 2010

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