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cLutch EH

The gamertag and alias of the professional Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360) player, Marvin Sanchez, from Ontario Canada.

cLutch is know best for his abilities with an M16 and, incidentally, his envied ability to overcome clutch situations. He envied for his consistent ability to out position his opponents.

He currently competes in Major League Gaming's online COD4 Pro Circuit Ladder. In 2008 he received a minor sponsorship deal from Red Bull Canada, but has since lost it after taking a 3 month hiatus from competition in spring of 2009.

He currently balances gaming and a Multimedia Design course at Fanshawe College.
cLutch EH has one of the best M16 shots you'll see on the Pro Circuit.
by KevFar June 26, 2009

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