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An extremely attractive or alluring woman of Hispanic descent. Since the adjective "sexy" is usually based on one's opinion, sexy can be seen as being in the eye of the observer.
"Angela is the hottest sexy mexi."
by KevDog December 30, 2007
Young people who are still trying to decide which genre to represent, and they didn't cut it in the punk rock or metal scene, so they jumped on the rock-a-billy train. They like to think that because they own a coy of Grease, that they are in some sort of secret greaser club. They are usually identified by 3 to 4 inch-high pompadours, tatoos depicting tribal flames (which actually came about in the nineties), driving import cars or PT Cruisers (or bumming a ride in their girlfriend's Toyota or Hyundai.) They often wear their pant cuffs rolled up about 4 to 6 inches high, and sport excessively long chains on their wallets, so as to prevent theft of their wad of cash they earned at some fast-food joint. You can also spot them pulling their pack of smokes from their rolled up tee-shirt sleeve, and if they are out of smokes, may be seen htting up their pimply girlfriend for her last Virginia Slims (and a match). Then watch them as they pass a store window, stop and check their hairdo, then fix it with the greasy black comb they keep in their back pocket of their starched jeans. Frequently seen at psychobilly concerts or asking for an application at a Hot Topic store.
"Look at that rock-a-silly! Wasn't he into punk or emo last year?"
by KevDog December 30, 2007
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