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4 definitions by Kev Corwin

(also shiboodle) n. The entirety of something. Often a group of people, collection of things, or icky situtation. Conveys a sense that the object is unwieldly, like a blivet.

Shaboodle may be styled after the alliteration "kit and caboodle". Many people who say this don't know or care what a caboodle is. Replacing "kit" with "shit" and preserving the alliteration, you get this new word.
Spill the goods! I want the whole shit and shaboodle now!
by Kev Corwin August 16, 2008
1.) Coming from the Italian "culata", it is a bump or push with one's buttocks.

2.) A popular line of sugary iced beverages at Dunkin Donuts.
1.) Mi fai una culata in faccia. (Put your butt on my face.)

2.) At the drive-thru: "Can I get a large Chocolate Coolata please?"
by Kev Corwin April 27, 2008
Relating to or affected by addictive arousal from activities, or the idea of them, due solely to the knowledge that one can but should not perform them. The underlying hormones are probably dopamine, adrenaline, and testosterone.
I am hormonal, so I break things for my kicks.
by Kev Corwin August 02, 2007
Having a rapturous moment.
"Ah, God's prick and balls!" cried Curval, "I'm happier than He, for I'm coming."
by Kev Corwin February 25, 2008