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A place where kids go expecting to rule the school, but realize you just are another face and black girls will NOT hesitate to punch you dead in the face.
You usually face 10 times more drama than you need to because everyone in middle school are either immature little punks who think they're cool cause they smoke/drink or immature little smart asses.

If you're in middle school expect to lose a lot of friends and attempt to make new ones.

But believe me when I say that if you even TRY to be popular, cute, steal some chicks boyfriend, or be cuter than the upperclassmen you will be hated.

You're not cooler. But it's not like you're gonna get punched if you accidentally bump into someone.
The ONLY way to get through is to be you..
as you're walking through the halls of middle school, you bump into black person
You: Oh excuse me, sorry.
Black person:*gives dirty look* mmmmhm
by Kettsa August 23, 2008

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