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An orgy of four or more people exclusively involving men, at least one of them a police officer. These sex parties are believed to have originated somewhere in Connecticut.
Shannon is hosting a myndrall at his place tonight.

That mynd party blew my mind.
by Ketrinon June 08, 2009
A traditional garb of impalpable masters of ceremony in the late 20th century. Often renounced when not worn as a novelty.
Person A: "Dude, hammerpants? Seriously?"

Person B: "My bad."
by Ketrinon November 20, 2009
The odorous consequence of one prolonging a vigorous masturbatory session past a sensible time limit.
"If I don't finish soon fermenturbation will set in."

"Dave has been jerking it so long he's starting to fermenturbate."
by Ketrinon April 07, 2013
Something you can't touch.
"Can't touch this."


"This object is impalpable."
by Ketrinon November 20, 2009

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