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To give oral sex to a Middle Earsterner or a hobo.
Josh:I heard Adam is into sand snorkeling now.

Katrina:Well if that butters his bicuit.
by KetchupSunshine November 07, 2010
A tray of rat and bunny droppings served for dinner and dinner alone along with a side of smuggled sweetarts. Feces contains psychedelic mushrooms usually.
Josh:I just ate the biggest platter of Milk Dud Deluxe ever. By the way, is that a golden llama on your head?

Katrina:Dude, you should've shared. And no, no it is not. It's known as an alpaca.
by KetchupSunshine November 07, 2010
To violently force packaged Sweetarts (stick-style) into the anus and eat them at a later period. No lubrication used in process.
Josh:I just walked in on my brother to see him Sweetart Smuggling!

Katrina:That's disgusting dude!
by KetchupSunshine November 07, 2010
To ejaculate inside of the vagina and then immediately pull out and kick the vagina repetitively.
Josh:I did the Cashew Crunch Kick on Stacy and she had no idea it was cumming.

Katrina:That's sweet dude!
by KetchupSunshine November 07, 2010

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