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When you eat too much fried dough at a carnival and just can't make it to the port-a-potty. See "chocolate rain".
Unicorn: We're sorry, you're fried dough shitstorm ruined our utopian society. Farewell forever.
Donkey: Blue ribbon bitches!
by Kestutis October 17, 2010
Mythical creature, a dragon made entirely of boobs.
Cat: Boob Dragon attacks with boiling milk acid!
Dog: I'll hump her leg!
by Kestutis October 17, 2010
A factory which employs slaves to mass-produce turnips. Several conspiracy theorists believe that the turnip cartels and the gang wars they are involved in are the result of worldwide turnip shortages. If the federal government would legalize turnip factories, it is quite possible that starvation would disappear.
Donkey: It's darker 'an a turnip factory down here!
by Kestutis October 17, 2010

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