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A woman with a dark droopy labia.

See also Roastbeef
"Look at that nasty razor shaved meat curtain under there on that hoe"
by Kertef Corobo January 16, 2003
Meaning something very negative.

Almost comparable with using "a load of shit" or "bag/sack of shit" in a sentance.
"Hey bill how was that girl you met last night" - "she was nothing but a bag of faces"

"Jennifer i've pulled better work out of my bag of faces then this"
by Kertef Corobo March 24, 2004
A woman whos outter labia are a dark colour with a texture of wrinkled tissue and hang down and sometimes over lap each other so that one has to pick and prod to get to the hole.

Scary thing is that me and some friends thought that up a year ago and someone else in the world did too, now thats cool.
"Bitches with Roastbeef need surgery"
"How does the Roastbeef come to be"
by Kertef Corobo January 08, 2003
Game that used to be good in the beta stages where hacking was fun and alot of people did it and since new hacks came out about every week the game never became tiresome.
Damn counterstrike 1.1 to 1.6 are crap
by Kertef Corobo March 03, 2003

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