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-Ruler of the land of Kirkonia
-Amazing accent
-Jumped by women
-Sexy dancer
-Has weird monologues
-Loves techno
-Loves mind games
-Doesn't take life seriously
-Intrudes in people's business
-Creepy laugh
-Slightly manical
-Sharp eyes
-People have secret attractions to him
"Dude why are you so suicidal?"
"Kirk messed with my mind again."
"Oh that sucks. He did that to me last Wednesday."
by KerryvilleINkaitland January 31, 2010
1. one who sucks all the heat out of your body because they are unusually cold
2. a person with insufficient body temperature which causes them to suck the heat from other people
"It's 70 degrees out, why are you shivering?"
"My girlfriend is a heat vampire."
by KerryvilleINkaitland January 31, 2010

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