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Another word for a beer. Created circa 2004.
Hey, can you get in that cooler and hand me another beezo?
by Kerry July 11, 2004
Derogatory designation for poor or working-class white people. Sometimes adopted ironically by said people out of pride and defiance.
by Kerry July 29, 2003
christabel is derived from the male name christopher, abb. chris

It is used when a male chris cross dresses and becomes female hence becoming "christabel"
christabel is that my bra?

christabel is a pretty girl
by kerry April 01, 2005
Severna Park is full of snobs who think they are rich when in fact they have no money at all, their parents do. Kids from severna park arent worth shit even though they think they are better then everyone. i LIVED in severna park with my parents but the day i turned 18 i got the fuck away from those snobby pieces of shit
Severna Park=snobby pieces of shit
by Kerry March 24, 2005
A Bitchy Girl
I tried To Talk To This Girl But She Was Actin All ICY.
by Kerry October 05, 2003
Goole slang term for passion
"Calm your Pash!"
by Kerry February 05, 2004
To be treated disrespectfully by those close to you.
Mike totaly fagged me out when he didn't invite me to the party.
by kerry October 19, 2003
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