28 definitions by Kerry

A guy that is prone to rubbing on chicks. This comes and goes.
Was Andrew being a creepy pete?
by Kerry February 13, 2004
A slightly klutzy but nonetheless lovable person.
"I walked into the Coke machine and Renée laughed and said 'Dude, you're such a crazy fish.'"
by Kerry May 24, 2003
The degree to which something is awesome.
"My awesomocity is high."
by Kerry March 13, 2004
To relax and party as a means of celebration.
We're going to go to my house and chillibrate since that exams are over.
by kerry August 02, 2004
a "cooler" way of saying yup

carol's word of saying yup
kerry - did u go to the doctor's today...

carol - yuppoh
by kerry August 05, 2004
Another word for the female vagina.
You just hit me in my sheabo.
by Kerry July 11, 2004
a derogitory term. To call ones enemy in likeness to a fish pond.
alice, you fuckin ishpod
kerry you fuckin oggit
by kerry November 17, 2003
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