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An awesome band who went on the Pop disaster tour and were known as the least sober band of the tour. hau hau
KuT U Up's lead singer, Chris Cote was branded an his ass by Billie Joe Armstrong from green day
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
1.A drummer for Green Day
2. An expression for something incredibly cool
1. Tre'Cool is Green Day's drummer
2. Wow, that Green day shirt is so Tre Cool
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
A view of something long and hard
Ex: I saw a Delongeview of alex today
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004
A hot guy, Alex arnot's brother. For more information see Alex Arnot
1. Wow, you are so good looking you must be Ivan, also known as Alex's brother
by Kerplunker45 August 15, 2004

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