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3 definitions by Kermit Sly

When there is not a lot of time left in a game that your team is losing and your quarterback is running the 2 minute offense with no urgency whatsoever.
Looks like Jake Delhomme is Mcnabbing it out there, really taking his time when they need to be hurrying.
by Kermit Sly December 31, 2008
18 8
The greatest nickname of any athlete ever.
And Dr. Dunkenstein throws one down with authority!
by Kermit Sly December 31, 2008
11 3
A retarded half-wit remark for a douche bag who does nothing but cheer on the Sawx and Pats.
Ayyyy I saw that game it was wicked pisser because the sawx won baby!
by Kermit Sly September 20, 2008
100 241