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expressing your love & affection for someone by giving them hugs and kisses and telling them that you love them or how much you love them
dude: Babe, I'm feeling down today...this dude at work was being a prick all day!

chick: Aww you poor thinger! Come on over to mommy, let me give you some lovins'...I'll make it all better...
by Kermie's Mommy & Daddy April 15, 2008
when your significant other rubs your body to relax you, if you're stressed out or if you just have the aches
chick: daddy, I've got a terrible knot in my shoulder that hurts like hell! Think you could give me some rubbins to make it all better??
dude: of course mommy!
by Kermie's Mommy & Daddy April 15, 2008
representing sympathy, showing affectionate care & concern for someone or something
dude: What tha eff is wrong with me!? I just dropped an entire bowl of hot nacho cheese on the carpet! I'm so mad at myself! GRRR!!!

chick: Awww hunny! You poor thinger!!! I'm sorry, let me help you clean it up.


dude: Hey ma wanna go check out the zoo today?

chick: Naw daddy, you know I dont like to see the animals locked up like that.. those poor thingers!
by Kermie's Mommy & Daddy April 15, 2008

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