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Coma White is the final track on Marilyn Manson's album "Mechanical Animals". Many fans (including myself) declare it to be probably one of the band's (if not the best) songs that they have ever done.

The character Coma White is also rumoured to be based upon Manson's then girlfriend, Rose McGowan.

Also, the video which almost beautifully depicted the assasination of president JF Kennedy, was pulled from MTV shortly after the death of JF Kennedy Jr.
Theres something
Cold and blank
Behind her smile
Shes standing on an overpass
In a Miracle Mile
Cuz you were from a perfect world
A world that through me away
Today, today
To run away...

Me: jgkftggh I love Coma White...
by Kerianna June 10, 2006
Tim Skold, the current bass player for Marilyn Manson. His previous bands included KMFDM, Shotgun Messiah and the like. He also known by leg-humping Twiggy Ramirez fans and "old skool" Manson fans as the "bastard that replaced Twiggy Ramirez".
Yes, Twiggy was an excellent contribution to the band, but those eras are over with, so except Tim Skold already!
by Kerianna June 10, 2006
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