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A guy who might not be gay, but says really gay things, or is generally annoying.
Dan: Dude, Howie is such a DickBox

Robin: Well said
#dumb #tard #sped #manky #smeg
by Kep Chyles November 03, 2006
A sneaky person, who seems to always be lurking around. We get a lot of jeyfs in Semi-Urban areas in Vermont
Look at that crackhead over there, lets not look at him.

I think that's Howie, holy shit.

What a jeyf
#sneaky #creep #lurk #slink #fiend
by Kep Chyles November 20, 2006
To smoke very high quality marijuana, Vermont homegrown is the best. Use this term only with your closest friends.
Dan: What are you doing this weekend?

Robin: Not a lot, wanna hang?

Dan: Yeah, let's burn the Midnight Lamp, then go exploring.

Robin: Awesome.
#dank #weed #walter #dope #shake
by Kep Chyles November 08, 2006
A really great Grateful Dead cover band. They do famous shows not for note. It was a really rockin time when they played at the Lebanon Opera house.
The Darkstar Orchestra concert was great, they did the rockin' the Rhein show.

Sounds kick ass

No one invited me
#grateful dead #cover bands #dead head #trippy #darkstar
by Kep Chyles November 20, 2006
A lot of something, whether it's the amount of times you visited the club, or the amount of ho's you be macken.
Lil John lyrics, "came to this club 'bout fifty-lleven times".

Dude I smoked like fifty-lleven joints.

No you didn't

yeah, you sniffed some glue and fell down.

#a lot #plenty #tons #shit-load #bunch
by Kep Chyles November 20, 2006
To get high on Marijuana, especially the herb that you get in the wonderful state of Vermont.
Dan: Hey dude, after school let's go get experienced.

Robin: Sounds awesome, My herb's the 'illest

Howie: Can I come

Dan & Robin: NO
#high #blitzed #stoned #baked #wasted
by Kep Chyles November 07, 2006
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