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Pants designed for blue collar people who work in construction or carpentry industry.
Alli Hilfiger's stupid ass thinks her dad, who formerly designed clothes for upper class caucasians, invented cargo pants.
by Kenzie November 25, 2003
During anal, when one clenches their asshole so hard when the man pulls out he loses skin and yelps in pain.
*thrust thrust* *clench* *pull*

man: OWW!!!11 what the FUCK WAS THAT?!
person: joo got moroccan beltsanded
by kenzie March 27, 2005
1. To hit repeatedly.
2. Off the chain.
3. Hits hard. Lot's of base.
1. Quit bangin' on that drum.
2. That party was bangin'.
3. This song is bangin'.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
Someone of mixed decent.
That girl is a twist cone. Her mother is Hawaiian and Japanese and her dad is Italian and Lebonese
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
1. Referring to someone with platinum all over their teeth.
2. Referring to someone wearing a lot of platinum.
3. Big silver colored rims.
4. Nelly's crib.
That shit is chromed out.
by Kenzie November 26, 2003
When you are in a state of jubilation and ready to dance while high and drunk.
Man, I'm sinergized!
by Kenzie November 25, 2003
someone who is not open about gayness.. a guy thats a ladies girlfriend :P. one that all make fun of. other words: Pritha, David R. :D
I asked if pritha wanted salad dressing and he said "BLUE CHEZ!" (bluchez)
by Kenzie March 12, 2003
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