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Can only be performed when it is very cold. A man's ball sac must be cold and pulled up very tightly. A girl then puts the man's balls in her mouth and sucks them until they are warm enough that they become very saggy again. The girl cannot take the balls out of her mouth until they are completely saggy, otherwise it is not a true Siberian Sack Lunch.
After we went snowboarding all day, I gave my girlfriend a nice Siberian Sack Lunch.
by KenyanSlumberParty February 20, 2009
A sexual act in which a female sucks and jerks off 4 or more men. The men blow their loads into a large pot and the resulting mixture is simmered over a flame. The men each then dip their ball sacs into the pot of jiz and the girl sucks it off of them. This dipping and sucking proceeds until the pot is empty.
Me and my bros got wasted last night and met this totally nasty girl. She said she was down so we did a Mongolian Steakhouse!
by KenyanSlumberParty February 20, 2009

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