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A growth of facial hair which is intentionally concentrated BELOW the neckline, a portmanteau of Neck and bEARD. Usually very scraggled and harsh-looking until it gets some body.
PersonOne: Dude, I think you spilled some gravel on your chin!
PersonTwo: No man, it's cool, I'm gonna grow the sickest neard you've ever seen.
Women: Can we stroke and fondle that gorgeous mane on your neck?
PersonTwo: Get the rubbers, I'll be back in an hour.
by Kenwizzle Foshizzle February 03, 2006
A growth of facial hair occuring exclusively on the cheeks. A properly maintained cheard will stand apart from a crowd and may grow upwards of several inches, although thoroughly lacking in the same density and length as the rest of the facial hairs, a cheard can still be a most beautiful thing.
Person One (Of Mixed Ancestry): Dude, what's that shit on your cheeks?
Person Two (Clearly of Japanese heritage): That's my cheard, man. Don't knock it!
Persons Four Through Nineteen (Of mostly Caucasian and Hispanic Heritages): Dude, SEXTREEM!
Person Three (Of French Heritage): Laisse Tombe le shit! C'est les flics!
by Kenwizzle FoShizzle February 08, 2006
The act of leaving class to get high.
Person One (Of Asian Descent): WHAT UP?
Persons Two and Three (Of Hispanic Descent): BURN RUN THIRD PERIOD!
Persons Four Through Nine (Of Caucasian Ancestry): DUDE... DUUUUDE... ARE YOU SERIOUS?

by Kenwizzle FoShizzle December 22, 2005

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