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WoWsterbate: verb: to play World of Warcraft (WoW)

WoWsterbation: noun: the act of WoWsterbating

Usually these words are applied to people who play WoW excessively and to the exclusion of doing normal activities, especially if the person is addicted. This can lead to WoWjaculation.
Hey, stop WoWsterbating and come to the party with your friends.

Oh, hey that guy's a WoWsterbation addict, maybe we should stay away.
by Kent M January 31, 2008
WoWjaculate: verb: to WoWsterbate to the point of a climax or supreme high, sometimes involving the expulsion or destruction of common sense, logic, or 'having a life'.

WoWjaculation: noun: the act of WoWjaculating

These words are usually only used for an individual who plays WoW to the exclusion of other normal life activities, and even in that scope plays excessively.
Don't go near that room or you may get covered in WoWjaculation.

"Dude, the other week I played WoW for 40 hours straight and WoWjaculated all over the carpet in my parents' basement."
by Kent M January 31, 2008

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