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Also known as Lamebridge, B Town or just the bridge. Bainbridge is a middle/upper-class suburb of Cleveland east of Chagrin Falls but way better than Chagrin. Kids from Bainbridge go to Kenston school dictrict are are pretty good at every sport and academically. The bombers have a lot of rivals with the main one being Chagrin. While Chagrin kids are either wannabe emos or snotty rich kids, Kenston kids are pretty nice and know how to party. All your kid really needs is a North Face fleece and a pair of birkenstocks.

Theres no real crime other than an occasional deer running into a store so the Bainbridge police have nothing better to do than arrest kids for underage drinking. If you graduate from Kenston not having been arrested, kudos. The police blotters in the Chagrin Valley Times were one of the highlights of my week.

Theres not much to do until someone's parents go out of town so kids hang out at Giant Eagle (G Eagle, GE, Geagle) on the weekends and sip Natty Light. On any given Friday or Saturday your guaranteed to find a group of kids looking for something to do.
"Hey whats going on in Bainbridge?" "I don't know lets get a bottle and go to Geagle to see who whos there."
by Kenston grad February 02, 2008
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