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A GameFAQs user that obtained a legion of perverted fanboys. "She" fell in love with some other user and was a complete attention whore.
kuribohgirl is a man.
by Kenri October 05, 2003
GameFAQs user Endless Nightmares, who owns the website www.farsideblues.com.
Endless Nightmares uses cat-like emoticons.
by Kenri October 05, 2003
An obvious or intentional lesbian relationship, using sexual.
Tomoyo and Sakura are not a yuri couple, because they have never done anything sexual.
by Kenri October 06, 2003
An unintentional or vague lesbian relationship.
Sakura and Tomoyo are a shoujo-ai couple.
by Kenri October 06, 2003

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