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Term for two people who are friends, but have wild uninhibited sex with no strings attached. Derived from the combination of "friends" and "sex", frexing is desirable amongst two people that are attracted to each other but share a mutual non-interest in dating. Frexing frees you from dating type obligations such as spending the night, calling the next day, sending flowers, leaving notes or faking interest when there is none. Usually initiated via late night drunken sex messaging or a made up reason to get together.
John: What did you do yesterday?
Jim: Oh, I was hanging out with Carla for a while
John: Carla? Are you guys dating?
Jim: Nah we're just frexing
John: Nice

(via SMS)
John: Hey Carla, you want to swing by my place later for some frexing?
Carla: Sure, see you at 5!
by KenoCab January 20, 2010
Term for a person whose skin can't handle dry climate so it cracks, peels and bleeds all over the fucking place and makes a mess. Derived from a snake, a reptile who sheds often and completely, and a lizard, who sheds in small patches. Slizards tend to have major problems in places like Las Vegas, where excessive alcohol, sleep deprivation and desert air dehydrate their bodies and skin to a state of disrepair.
"Man, my skin is all fucked up"

"Yeah, you look like a slizard!"
by KenoCab January 14, 2010
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