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2 definitions by Kenny_McCormic

A convenience store that is robbed at least twice a day, even if it isn't located in the projects or other high crime area.
If you go to 7-eleven very often, odds are some crackhead or nigga will walk in with a gun and rob the place while you are there.

I got shot at 7-Eleven two different times in the same month!
by Kenny_McCormic August 04, 2009
31 8
A car often associated with white trash, but its first gen line is rarely associated with white trash as it eats mustangs and rice rockets all day/night long, yet cannot be parked in a shitty trailer driveway. First gen camaros are usually only owned by people over 40 with receding hairlines and a slight death wish. Chevolet defined the camaro as "a small vicious animal that eats mustangs"
Cop 1:Holy shit was that red blur a camaro?!?
Cop 2: Hell if I know, it pegged my radar!

Ricer:revs weedeater at streetlight FaAART!
Camaro: (pulls cutout lever) glug glug glug glug VROOOOOOOM,tires squeal, car is noweher to be found
Ricer: I need a bigger spoiler and more NOS stickers.
by Kenny_McCormic May 20, 2008
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