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1 Leonardo's lesser known cousin who mainly used crayon and fingerpaint as his medium.

2 someone with such a lack of drawing skills that you don't even want to play pictionary with them.
Who drew this stick figure, Retardo DaVinci?
by KennyRex January 27, 2011
A mouth guard that when worn properly makes the athlete sound like a tard. It also makes the athlete drool a little to complete the whole ensemble.
"coath, can I go to tha baffroom?"
Coach: what? I can't understand a word you're saying. Take out your mouth tard when you speak. And wipe the drool off your face before u get on the short bus.
by KennyRex January 26, 2011
A morning greeting between two people who ache every morning as they get out of bed and moan as they walk all the way to the bathroom.

Or, a morning accolade after a gratuitous night of debauchery which featured a voluminous amount of moaning.
Argh, my back, my knees! Good moaning!
Good moaning to you.
by KenNyRex February 05, 2012
1: Wine sold in boxes to retards who think they are not alcoholics.

2: wine consumed in mass quantities as to render the recipient retarded.
At the party, Bob drank half the box of wine then relieved himself in the closet, ruining the party and several coats. " Bob! What the heck were you drinking!? Tardonnay?
by KennyRex January 26, 2011
Haha very funny muthafucka.
Abbreviation to use when someone sends an offensive or lame joke. The original author is Eddie Murphy in raw, when he offends a fan with his Stevie wonder impersonation:

"Stevie takes the wheel and crash into a tree!? HHVFMF !!"
by Kennyrex March 24, 2013
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