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2 definitions by Kenny Olav

A Democrat who blindly supports the elite candidates of his or her party. Similar to 99% of all Republicans.
I didn't know Lisa was a zombiecrat until she told me she donated money to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

John thinks Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air for the Democrats. Apparently he took the zombiecratic oath.
by Kenny Olav April 03, 2007
7 4
A magazine that is read when one is in a cave.
Last January, Jim's car died on a mountain road and left him stranded in the wilderness at midnight. He found a nearby cave and started a fire. Fortunately for him, he had his favorite cavemag with him, which kept him entertained. It also conveniently rolled up into a lightweight but firm armament for fending off the pack of marauding wolves.
by Kenny Olav January 02, 2008
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