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the state during alcohol consumption of maximum enjoyment and uninhibited behavior; usually following the buzzed phase of drinking but before becoming completely trashed; a mindstate experiencing delight and cheer, there is nothing negative in this state and one is incapable of displaying malevolent behavior; originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2003
Man, I was so FENT last night that I got up and toasted to Bill Brasky every 5 minutes.
by Kenny Liimatta February 27, 2004
a person who pretends to be from the streets or a part of urban culture, which can be done through clothing, language, or behavior; a poser of hip-hop culture; someone who has no knowledge of urban life, but mimics it to their perception of what that life is like; predominantly white males from suburban or rural areas, but veebos may be of any gender or race; originated in New Berlin, Wisconsin in 1999
Look at that VEEBO wearing FUBU with his hat tilted to the side and all those chains around his neck, that's real foul because I know he's living lavish.
by Kenny Liimatta April 17, 2003
something or someone that is really wack; awful or foul
That show was so BACORNY, the rappers had no lyrical skills at all.
by Kenny Liimatta April 17, 2003
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