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Words used to describe some aboriginals in australia who are always up too no good.
Stealing cars, sniffin' petrol or paint, making white people just feel uncomfortable when they are about.
Bloody Black bastards and their stink are annoying the piss out of me.

Someone shoot those Black bastards if they do that agin
by Kenny Growler July 23, 2006
Commoningly used word in Australia amongst the aboriginals (coons, blacks, abo, gins, etc) to discribe each other. Also used by whites when talking about murri people.
Old black fella "Them murri fellas drinkin' that metho is gibbin us a bad name"

White people "Friggin murri bastards always lazing around sniffing petrol and bludging on the system"
by Kenny Growler July 21, 2006

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