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4 definitions by Kenny Decius

One of god's mysteries. A person's nose is about as unique as their DNA. Some people have large noses. Some people have small noses. Some people have curved noses that make them look like they got punched in the face... hard. And the biggest questions... why do we have two nostrals?

Many people never wash their nose. When tihs happens, the creases on the side of the nose become red. The nose produces more oil than any other part of the face.

The nose has the potential to ruin a date. We breathe through our nose for two reasons. One is so that we can constantly be aware of any smell, and two so that we don't share our bad breath that comes out of our mouth. Snot is also drained through the nose. This is the worst part about the nose. If you have snot in your nose, you can make embarassing sounds just by breathing. If you sniff your nose, you let everyone in the whole room know that you have boogers. If you don't sniff your nose, snot will run out, and boogers will eventually be blown out.

The nose has the potential to be more embarassing than a fart. It is a very good idea to thoroughly blow your nose before a social setting. Since many people are not socially outgoing enough to blow their nose in front of others, they discreetly whipe their nose if they have snot or pick thier nose if their have boogers.
There is snot dripping out of your nose.
by Kenny Decius January 03, 2005
A blondjob occurs when a girl is going to give you a blowjob, but starts literally blowing on your penis.
I told Krystle to give me a blowjob, but instead I got a blondjob. I then had Jenny show her how it's done.
by Kenny Decius October 23, 2004
The term vestibulian comes from the early 21st century.

It originates from an internet message board that consists of thousands of prepubesent preteens.

1. A vestibulian refers to a person that is constantly trying to improve their cyber reputation by actively posting asinine messages in an attempt to obtain a higher post count than all other individuals who also post at the same message board.

2. Someone that regularly posts asinine messages in "The Vestibule" forum at the IGN Boards.
1. The SHD boards have been overrun by vestibulians.

2. Yab is a vestibulian.
by Kenny Decius January 02, 2005
1. Could quite possibly be considered the shittiest "programming language" there is. Scripts (not programs) written in this language are emulated through a virtual machine. Basically a crapped up BASIC language, except slower and more complex.

2. Programming course that Freshmans take in high school to make themselves feel intelligent for programming a computer, when all they're really doing is making a simple script that's interpreted at runtime by a virtual machine.

3. Coffee.
1. Java is so shitty it should be illegal

2. Liek omgz, I kan liek h4xx0rz governments mainframes

3. I'm going to get some Java
by Kenny Decius October 23, 2004