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A lazy jew. Instead of going outside and making money and doing other cheap jew-like things the jew stays at home and proceeds to spin his/her dreidel.
You fucking latka, go outside and make some money with your ninja jew powers.
by Kenny Cummings April 08, 2008
A man takes a cookie into his mouth, and he inserts it into a woman's vagina. He bobs his head back and forth, inserting the cookie in and out of the vagina. The woman squirts breast milk onto the cookie and vagina to act as a lubricant. Once the vagina has the aroma of a cookie the man gives the cookie to the girl, and he proceeds to go cunnilingus on the woman. As the man is performing cunnilingus the woman puts her breast milk on the cookie and eats it like an oreo with milk. This can be performed on a woman's rectum as well.
Dude, this girl at the bakery had some big ass chocolate chip cookies, and I totally went Cookie Monster on her ass.
by Kenny Cummings April 08, 2008
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