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aka Train Wreck is when 2 groups of male trains line up on each side of a female to have group intercourse. The males of both ends will be in synch running up to the female from both ends yelling "Chugga Chugga!" until they are ready to orgasm in which they will yell "Choo Choo!".
Chu: The train crash that happened with Alexis on Friday was crazy!
Hunter: You were there!?!?
Chu: Yeah I was coming from the anal side.
Hunter: Oh, I didn't see you there I was at the mouth side.
Chu: What time were you there?
Hunter: 8:30ish
Chu: I was there at 11ish. How long was the wait in the line when you were there?
Hunter: 2 hours
Chu: Damn... I saw Gallardy, Clarence, C-Dub there.
Hunter: I saw Wes and Michelson
Chu: I also saw Kenny there...
Hunter:.......thats sort of weird....
Chu: Cool, I heard it ended up with major SIIHBAPage
Hunter: Is there any other way to end it?

(This story is fiction. If any events or names of this story is true it is purely coincidental)
by Kenny Butler December 02, 2007

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