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6 definitions by Kennon

Used to discribe something that is simmilar to the graphical or writing style of Jhonen Vasquez.
"That drawing is so Jhonenesque!"
by Kennon June 05, 2005
41 9
Someone who really loves the game StarCraft.
"Dude, that guy's a total starcrafter!"

"I'm a starcrafter."
by Kennon June 05, 2005
26 3
Geeks/nerds and some other people on the internet like to add -ey to the end of a word to signify that the subject bears resemblance or is somehow simmillar to that word. Only used where -ey is not a propper suffix to the word, or as a double. Also used by retards who don't realize that they are using slang. (They think that the -ey is supposed to be there)
"The game Command and Conquer is a very StarCraft-ey game."

"Wow! She sure is sexy-ey!"
by Kennon June 05, 2005
8 7
Acording to webster's: The knob-like anterior end of a tapeworm. (In lamen's terms - a tapeworm's ass). Also used as a secret Identity (Mr. Scolex) by Jhonen Vasquez.
"Eeeew, that dude just licked a scolex!"

"Mr. Scolex is so rad!"
by Kennon September 20, 2006
4 4
Simmilar to a hacker, but the things a spoofer does are completeley legal and don't harm anything in any way. Usually appear in online game lobbies on systems that run on seperate software, like
"That guy's name is in colors! He must be a spoofer!" - spoken on
by Kennon June 05, 2005
16 25
An island nation that everybody on this website disrespects by calling it "that place from the Tenacious D song"
"Now, children, can you locate zanzibar?"
by Kennon June 05, 2005
13 31