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while banging a girl from behind, you take a bottle of hot sauce and poke the tip into her asshole, quickly grab ahold of her hips and let her do all the work as she feels the burning inside of her ass.
so i gave that girl a chicago ass fire last month, and she still wont talk to me.
by Kennman November 12, 2013
while at an orgy, the man reachs over and slaps the titties of the girls on both sides of himself, in a fast motion.

also known as the Ohio Titty Twister
"i was at an orgy and this guy slapped my tits so hard it hurt" "yeah ... thats an ohio titty tornado, duh"
by Kennman November 12, 2013
A cupcake party is similar to going, egging, where a couple of people get in a car, and throw cupcakes at pedestrians. if it all goes well the frosting on top of the cupcake will stick to the victim.
colored frosting add to the fun, as they will stain the victim with a nice big colored spot.

originating in Bamberg, Germany
"cupcake party dude?" "uhm ya ... im in. your car or mine?"
by Kennman November 12, 2013
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