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Unlike the Australian version of the word, "scradge", meaning a man-slut, a "scraj" is a Scottish word for available woman, like bint, bindi, tottie, etc. It is also often incorrectly used as a name for the vagina.
"We're going doon the pub to find a bit o' scraj"

"Show us yer scraj, hen"
#scradge #bint #bindi #tottie #totty
by Kennie J Young May 16, 2008
Scottish word for testicles. The term is extrapilated from the term "chuckie stanes" which in English, means "Throwing stones" meaning small stones suitable for throwing or firing from a catapult.
There's nothing worse that a boot in the chuckies!
#bollocks #balls #nuts #testes #goolies #gonads
by Kennie J Young July 21, 2008
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