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common ignorance found in african american people at large gatherings i.e cookouts,clubs etc. that usually makes them fight when coming in unavoidable contact with each other which .
Errean: Yo why did that nigga just get A Town Stomped?
Kennedy: Man, that dude stepped on his shoes while dancing so the other dude let his inner niggorance come out and beat his ass.
by Kennedy a.k.a Presidential December 07, 2007
A white girl with a body that resembles a black girls features which attracts the typical hollister-wearing oreo black guy.
Damn Kennedy look at that first lady over there she got a lil booty on her.
by Kennedy a.k.a Presidential November 20, 2007
Commonly used on Instant Messengers as a way of saying peace or One Love between friends or other associates.
hp123: Man Im bout to head to mall I'll hit you up later peace.

presidential7: aight man ~1~
by Kennedy a.k.a Presidential November 20, 2007
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