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Lord of the bitches, hoes, etc. another meaning could be pimp, high ranking man-whore, etc. who has bitches under his power
Bizlor: Bitch! Where's my money?!?
Bitch: I told you I already Paid yo Ass
Bizlor: I cut you!!
by Kenladin October 15, 2004
insult pertaining to anyone acting in the manner of a jewish american of aboriginal decent, or anyone acting as one of either the jews, americans, or aboriginals
while on the resurve the joomericquan ripped me off
by Kenladin October 15, 2004
something being hilarious, stems from words "fucking" and "funny"
see that ole lady fall down? that was fucnny!
by kenladin November 09, 2004
younger version of a tart, 11teen to 17, anyone in this age group that wanders into your site while your looking for ladies... you should be disappointed and turn away
1st dude in car: hey whats that up ahead?
2nd: wtf? man thats a jamtart!
1st: fuck! dam jamtarts!
by Kenladin October 15, 2004
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