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A variation of Scrabble played by using Urban Dictionary as the rule dictionary instead of (or as well as) another more academically respected dictionary.
Sam, Nerby, Quimi and I played Urban Scrabble in Mr. Priest's room during etymology.
by Kenkwam April 17, 2008
Rain that looks like snow due to a combination of an optical illusion and a mental effect.
We thought that the snow melted when it hit anything, but it was really just shnow.
by Kenkwam March 17, 2008
Nickname for someone named Kwame; to be said loudly in a fast manner with the last "e" sound clipped. Usu. plays saxophone.
Hey, wassup, Quimi!!!

Hey, did you hear? Quimi is amazing on the saxophone!
by Kenkwam March 14, 2008

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