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The doctrine within medical practitioner circles of over prescribing the drug Prozac as an easy cure-for-all alternative to traditional more time-consuming and expensive methods of psychiatry. This practice is of benefit to the Healthcare profession but compromises the patient.
Instead of suggesting psychotherapy, the doctor gave me the usual degree of Prozac centred psychiatry I was expecting.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008
A brand name of the drug finasteride. It is marketed for treating male pattern-baldness. Due to its expense, many men opt for the cheaper version of the drug Proscar.

It has been clinically proven as being more effective than minoxidil – another men’s hair-loss drug.

From Pro- (Latin meaning “for”) and alo-PECIA (alopecia meaning hair-loss)
I seem to be developing male pattern-baldness, I should start using Propecia.
by Kendal Boy March 08, 2008
adj. /ill-(y)OO-minn-ESS-uhnt/

1. Referring to the state of being both illuminated and luminescent,
2. thus suggesting the quality of having outstanding attributes on the point of shining.
3. Having connotations of the supernatural glowing of a human halo or aura and its ascribed distinctions of enlightenment, sanctity, and charisma.

(an amalgamation of illuminated & luminescent)

noun = illuminescence
1. My first love was beyond beautiful . . . she was illuminescent.
2. Your performance during the game tonight was outstanding . . . you were illuminescent on the sports field.
3. The cult’s charismatic leader showed expelled illuminescence.
by Kendal Boy March 05, 2008
An enthusiastic and outgoing advocate of the drug Fluoxetine, more commonly known as Prozac. Especially one who has used Prozac and experienced it’s benefits or one who is dependant on the drug to function normally.
Since she’s not depressed and on Prozac now, she’s become a right Fluoxetine Queen.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008
abbreviated to C.S.D.

The phenomenon of being sexually attracted to all or many people within the same social/ friendship group, as opposed to specific individuals.
It’s not that I’m a whore . . . I have Clique Sexuality Disorder.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008
A drug more commonly becoming prescribed for the treatment of male pattern-baldness. It is sold under the brand names Proscar and Propecia. It has been clinically proven as being more effective than minoxidil – another men’s hair-loss drug.
I here finasteride could help treat my male pattern-baldness.
by Kendal Boy March 08, 2008
A cheaper brand version of the drug Propecia. A Proscar tablet is usually cut into quarters, each quarter having the same medicinal effect as a Propecia tablet . . . thus the process is cheaper.

Both Propecia and Proscar are brand names of the drug finasteride. Proscar was originally made for disorders of the prostate however.
You can get four times as much Propecia from a Proscar by quarter cutting it.
by Kendal Boy March 08, 2008

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