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/zo(go)-O(hot)-side = zo-O-side/

When considered ethically grave, the intentional killing of an animal.

(from Greek for animal- and Latin for -kill)
You killed that sheep for fun? That’s zoocide!
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008
adj. something which is mangy, mankey, tarnished or in a generally displeasing state.
This book you borrowed from me has come back a bit snerggy.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008

1. The state of something being strange, abnormal or mutated to the point of resembling the environmental mutations that were a consequence of the Chernobyl radiological disaster.
2. Denoting something as unusually irregular in regard to it being contrary to its natural or standard genetic form. For example a peculiarly looking vegetable; a striking multi-coloured blossom tree which has been artificially grafted by horticulturists in an attempt to make it aesthetically “better”; a fruit tree which produces more than one breed of the same fruit as a result of being grafted in this way.
1. My! That misshapen potato is strange looking . . .
it’s somewhat Chernobylesque.
2. I feel the resulting genetically modified sheep were rather Chernobylesque.
3. A ginger haired person of oriental ethnicity you say? That’s quite Chernobylesque.
by Kendal Boy March 06, 2008
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