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An adjectival form of the name Raphael, the Archangel or the Renaissance painter.
That portrait looks Raphaelite in its style.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008

A pleb in the ordinary sense, but specifically, one who is superlatively pleb-like.
You don’t put cat litter trays in the dishwasher you pleb el primo!
by Kendal Boy March 09, 2008
An involuntary bodily spasm resembling the pleasant sensation of an orgasm in another part of the body that would not usually experience orgasm.

adjectival derivatives:

I am having a spasmgasm in my neck!
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008
All practising vegans collectively, and the movement of Veganism in general when regarded as an ethically superior lifestyle and ascending a state of enlightenment, morality and human impeccability.

A hardcore or self-righteous vegan can be seen as a member of the Holy Vegancore and may often be labelled as vegancore, veganazi and vegangelical.
That self-righteous vegan thought he was a member of the Holy Vegancore.
by Kendal Boy March 08, 2008
Any substances which are insufflated (snorted into the nose cavity), usually recreational drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines.
I sometimes smoke cannabis and sniff poppers now and then, but I never do nostril drugs.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008

1. In regard to something (usually a person) being vegan . . .
2. especially in the sense of a vegan feeling they are enlightened and illuminated as a result of being vegan.

noun: veganescence
1. I am fully veganescent and therefore morally superior to you.
2. No meat comes into my body . . . like I’m totally veganescent now.
by Kendal Boy March 06, 2008
1. Referring to the antidepressant drug Prozac when thought of as a positive thing.
2. This drug’s alleged pleasant effects.

Originally Prozac capsules were made in the colours cream and green.
I’m feeling low and I need my cream green dream.
by Kendal Boy March 07, 2008

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