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The act or behavior of acting like a homo. A mannerism type that indicates the sexual preference for that person.
Mark's homoism disturbs me since he wears pink pants and flowers in his hair.
#gay #homo #fairy #pillow biter #brokeback
by Kena May 05, 2006
Usually happens after having diarrhea. It’s the small remnants that happen after taking a shit for awhile. The anus feels like it puckers and flicks out small pieces of diarrhea like a hershey's kiss.
Man, that shrimp didn't agree with me. I've been on the toliet for 20 mins and started shooting out hershey kisses after the diarrhea: God i hate that!
#diarrea #shitting #shotgun blast #anal puckering #bowel movements
by Kena August 23, 2006
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